Ger Conroy Gym Blanchardstown

Ger Conroy Gym Blanchardstown

Ger Conroy Gym Blanchardstown

Ger Conroy Fitness is not like any other commercial gym. When you join you will receive a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION to make sure you know how to use all the equipment correctly and safely to guarantee amazing results. So many people join gym’s and never go as they either feel intimated or simply just don’t know what exercises to do.

We want you to know how to use all our equipment, enjoy coming to our gym and feel comfortable while here too! We also have staff on duty at all time’s to help you while you train if needed. If you have any questions regarding training or nutrition feel free to ask our trainer on duty!

If you would like a free consultation to discuss you’re goals and options available just call me now.

Gym Membership Packages

Gym Gallery

Gym Equipment

Cross Trainers
Squat racks
Artificial grass

Prowler track
Plate loaded machines
Cable machines
Battle ropes
Kettle bells
Studio Barbells
Boxing bag's

Gym Opening Times

Monday – Thursday

6:00am – 9:00pm


6:00am – 8:00pm

Saturday/Sunday & Bank Holidays

8:00am – 2:00pm