Spinning Classes Dublin 15

Our dynamic new spinning classes have quickly become one of the most popular features here at Ger Conroy Fitness. Classes are mixed level, meaning that whatever your fitness level or experience with spinning, you can come along and work to your personal best in each class

Our bikes are designed to help you gain maximum impact from every class. These top quality bikes feel like real road bikes, have comfortable, adjustable seats, and can measure your progress during each class. They monitor calories burned, distance, and heart rate.

Even the most enthusiastic spinner will find plenty of classes at Ger Conroy Fitness. We have 20 classes per month. Classes are scheduled at different times of the day, so no matter how hectic your schedule, you’ll be able to get your spinning class fix.

You can choose a 1-class, drop-in pass, or set yourself up for total spinning success with an unlimited monthly spinning class pass.

Spinning Class Details

Class Time: 35 & 45 minutes classes
9 Spin Classes run weekly at various times
Unlimited All Class pass for 4 weeks: €70 (Sign up here)
Advance Booking is essential.

What to Expect at our Spinning Classes:

Our spinning trainers create a fun and energetic atmosphere in every spinning class. They will guide you through each stage of the workout, motivating you at all times. Spinning is about keeping your muscles working at all times. You’ll move through different levels of intensity, and types of techniques, such as climbing, standing, and sprinting.

Benefits of our Spinning Class

There are so many benefits to attending our spinning classes. By attending regularly, you will:

Burn 700+ calories.
Increase muscle tone.
Strengthen joints, muscles, and core to reduce injury risks in other exercise and sports.
Improve your cardiovascular health.
Enhance your performance in other fitness and sport activities.
Reduce stress and clear your head!

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Spin Class Timetable:

Monday – 9:30am
Tuesday – 18:30pm & 19:10pm
Wednesday – 9:30am & 19:30pm
Thursday – 6:00am & 18:30pm
Friday – 18:30pm
Saturday – 10:00am

Spinning Price:

All Class Pass €70 (Sign up)

Spin Class location