Online Fitness Classes

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Online Fitness Classes

Avoid the COVID stone with Ger Conroy Online Fitness Classes

All virtual classes are now live streamed through your Ger Conroy Fitness Mindbody account. It allows you to do your favorite workout with a trainer you have come to know and love in a setting that suits you.

When you don’t see your fitness instructor and haven’t stepped foot inside the gym in months, it’s hard to hold yourself accountable.

We all know, when we are not held accountable, we are much more likely to stop working out. Live streaming can help keep structure and balance in your life.

How does our Online Fitness Classes work?

Online Fitness Classes at Ger Conroy Fitness

Our virtual classes are suitable for beginners and advanced fitness levels. We aim to accommodate young and old in our easily adapted classes.

Our high octane classes are guaranteed to leave you pumped. Feel the rush as good endorphins flow through the veins. The perfect way to destress!

Each class has a unique and friendly atmosphere all the while training in the safety of your own surroundings.

Get real time feedback from your trainer just like you would in our studio classes.

How to Book into an Online Class?

You must book into your class through the schedule below and you will receive confirmation of your booking.

30 minutes before the class is due to start you will receive your link to join via email.

When you click to join you must enter your email and password from your Ger Conroy Fitness Mindbody account.

  • Apple users please use Safari
  • Android users please use Google Chrome

Please ensure that you have an area clear of obstruction. We recommend 2-meters sq.

Also, appropriate footwear must be worn and it is recommended that you exercise on a suitable non-slip floor.

Please be mindful of your own limitations and most importantly have fun.

For details on how to join a virtual class and troubleshooting guide please click here.

Online Fitness Classes Schedule

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