Personal Training Dublin 15

Personal Training Dublin 15

We all know everyone has different levels. My one to one personal training is designed to meet your specific needs while also taking your fitness levels into consideration.

Over the years I’ve had so many people (especially beginners) say that they were “Dreading their first personal training session” as they taught it was going to be too hard for them.

That’s understandable, but what I always say to my clients is.. “it will not be too hard, just like it will not be too easy.” If I ask you to do something you cant, then you might give up. But if I ask you to do something that is too easy then you might not get RESULTS!!!.

And like I said before IT’S ALL ABOUT RESULTS

What can you expect from personal training?

On day one, I will sit down with you to discuss your goals. Weight Loss, Tone Up, Fat Loss, Building Lean Muscle etc. I will then take full body measurements, body fat analysis and fitness tests. Depending on your goals, I can give you weekly training plans as well as weekly, easy to follow nutrition plans.

I will not give you strict/fad diets to follow as I don’t agree with them and most people don’t stick to them anyway. I will give you an easy to follow healthy nutrition plan with 3-4 options for each meal, as well as 3-4 options to snack on between meals or late at night. Yes late at night!

I know most people will tell you not to eat after 6pm/7pm but it depends on the individuals goals and there daily routine. For example, if you want to lose 2 stone I wouldn’t tell you to have a big meal before bed but I certainty wouldn’t tell you to starve yourself for the day either.


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