Terms and Conditions

Ger Conroy Fitness Terms and Conditions

1) Members of Ger Conroy Fitness hereby agree to comply with the rules set out below. This is to ensure that the facilities are used properly and safely.

2) The owner has sole responsibility for the control and operation of the club. Any additions, removals or replacements shall be at the sole discretion of the owner. Compensation will not be given for such changes.


1) The owner and management of the club may reserve the right to refuse membership /admission.
2) All memberships must be purchased online using credit/debit cards.
3) Membership will commence on day of purchase unless otherwise specified.
4) Membership not renewed before expiry date will be deemed to have lapsed, therefore the membership will be cancelled. In order to gain access, renewal or new membership must be purchased.
5) Membership may be terminated by management at any time for violation of club rules. No refunds shall be made were rules and regulations are breached.
6) To gain access to the gym, all members are required to scan their membership card on arrival.
7) Once payment is made, no refunds can be given. Memberships may be transferred to an authorised person at the discretion of the management.
8) Memberships will only be suspended under medical circumstances. Doctor’s certification must be provided.
9) 7 days cooling off period.


1) Any member or guest using the facilities must fill in a health and safety form at reception, they must also notify an instructor of any underlying health issues.
2) An appropriate fee will be charged for replacement cards.
3) The Owner and management of Ger Conroy Fitness may reserve the right to restrict or limit the number of people using the club at any one time.
4) The Owner and management of Ger Conroy Fitness reserve the right to utilise the facilities for special events or classes.
5) All guests are bound by club rules.
6) Members and guests of Ger Conroy Fitness are expected to behave properly in the interest of health and safety.
7) Any member/Guest whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest of Ger Conroy Fitness may have his/her membership terminated.
8) All classes must be booked online.
9) Any issues or problems must be reported immediately.
10) The owner and management may reserve the right to alter the opening/closing times.
11) The conditions of membership and club rules shall be governed by Irish law


1) In the event that you may have any underlying medical conditions you must consult with your doctor before using any of the club’s facilities.
2) You should not undertake strenuous physical activity for which you might be medically unfit/ Ger Conroy Fitness will not be in any way responsible for any harm that may arise as a result of such physical activity.
3) It is possible that injury/accident or even death may arise while exercising, I cannot hold the instructor nor Ger Conroy Fitness liable, I may use the equipment at my own risk and with proper guidance take care for my own safety and that of others.
4) You may not use Ger Conroy Fitness whilst under the influence of alcohol.
5) Ger Conroy Fitness is a non-smoking premises.
6) In the event of a fire:
 raise the alarm
 leave the building immediately thru the nearest available exit
 Do not use the lift
7) Any injuries or accidents that occur must be reported immediately and a full detailed report must
be obtained.

Gym Rules

1) All members must be over 16 years of age
2) All members must use their membership card to gain admission on each visit
3) Any misuse of membership will result in termination of membership
4) Please replace all weights and discs after use
5) All members must use a hand towel and wipe down equipment after use
6) All members must wear appropriate clothing and footwear whilst exercising
7) No unauthorised photography
8) All valuables are left at your own risk; Ger Conroy Fitness accepts no responsibility for any loss or
damage. Lockers are provided and members are encouraged to use them
9) All accidents and incidents must be reported immediately
10) All members must vacate the premises at closing time