Emma Creighton’s Testimonial

Have a look at Emma Creighton’s testimonial. Emma joined the gym because she is getting married and wanted to get in shape. Now her wedding dress is 5 times too big for her! If you would like to book a free consultation simply get in touch.

Robbie Simpson’s Testimonial

Check out Robbie Simpson’s amazing testimonial. Robbie joined the gym after been encouraged by his partner. 12 weeks later he was 4 stone down and more importantly keeping it off and continues to do great. Robbie also won transformation of the year 2016!

Lily Farrel Testimonial

Ger is a top class trainer. He’s very professional and does the best he can for all his clients. He gives the best advice on diets and exercise and he gives you so much confidence and motivation to push yourself to the limit! Such a nice bloke aswell, I enjoy training more than ever. I’m struggling with my weight all my life, I was 17 and a half stone but now I am down to 10 stone 3lbs. Since I started with Ger I am much happier, confident and most importantly getting results every week!! I’ve tried every diet and different gyms but Ger’s advice, training and diets are 2nd to none. I couldn’t recommend a better person and most importantly he cares. It’s the best money I have ever spent joining Northwood and meeting Ger. If you really want it, Ger is the man you need!! You won’t regret it!!

Lily Farrel in Dublin

Ger has all the professional qualities of a personal trainer. His support, guidance and enthusiasm pushed me past my perceived physical ability and fitness levels. While training with Ger I have lost over 2 stone and 25 inches!. My energy and tolerance levels have exceeded my expectations. He has taught me how to train the correct way in order to allow me to achieve my goals. I recommend Ger to anyone who wishes to get up off the couch and take back control of their life!

Matthew Weafer Lost 2 stone and 25 inches!
Ann Troy Testimonial

During 12 weeks of training with Ger I lost over 4 stone. It really gave me the confidence I was looking for and I can now do things in the gym that I never imagined possible. During the 12 weeks every week was different which ensured I never got bored. Ger gave me a new training plan as well as a new easy to follow nutrition plan to stick to each week. If you want results then I would highly recommend you call Ger!!

Ann Troy in Dublin

I used to dread going to the gym but since I start training with Ger I look forward to a new routine each week and he focuses on areas that I want to work on. Ive always worked out but could never lose weight, I just maintained my weight and size. I’ve achieved better results working with Ger in just a few months that I did in a year by myself and have fun while doing it which I never expected. To date I’ve lost over 2 stone and 25 inches and have dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 which is the lowest I’ve been since I was a teenager. From working with Ger I’ve learned that no goal is unobtainable and hard work gets results!

Ash O'Connor Lost 2 stone and 25 inches!

I first started Ger’s TRX/Fat blast class in Jan 2013. Like a lot of lads I lost my job in the construction industry and the weight seemed to catch up on me. I needed a kick up the backside to get me going so I entered and won a few free classes from Ger’s Facebook page. My first class I was introduced to the burpee, I managed to do 3 or 4 of them at most as I was simply too heavy and not flexible enough.

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The body was sore after the first few classes but once you stick it out and don’t give up the pain does ease. In February ’13 Ger took my weight and measurements. I weighed in at 118kg, not good. Ger gave me a diet plan to use and also exercises to do outside of the class and told me he will be taking my weight and measurements every two weeks. With the change in my diet and the weigh ins and constant advice from Ger I lost 2 stone of body-fat in 3 months. I’ve also started to do more outdoor activities with my friends, 8-10km jogs couple of times a week, hell and back 14km run, we even climbed the highest mountain in Ireland!! I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without Ger’s constant encouragement with regards to diet, exercise and sticking to a plan. I now weigh just over 100kg and have body-fat of 15%,but I’m still working to get it down to 10%, oh and the last class I did with Ger we did 180 burpees :). If anyone really wants results and are prepared to put the effort in Ger Conroy WILL help you. See you at Thursday class

Fran Bradley Lost 2 Stone in 3 months
Lorraine Boyd Testimonial

You don’t really appreciate what a proper personal trainer is until you attend your first consultation with Ger, he is 100% there to work you through all aspects of your goals. I`ve been in countless gyms and I’ve NEVER met someone so passionate about helping you reach your target. Even now, 6 months on, I’m still able to change workouts to target problem areas week to week and he’s just as involved and committed as he was back in week one last January. Thanks a mill Ger 🙂

Lorraine Boyd in Dublin
Joan Coleman Testimonial

Ger is an excellent trainer. He is very attentive and works on your goals. I did his 30 day challenge and got really good results. He keeps you focused while training and makes you believe you can achieve anything if you want it. This is me doing 7 chin-ups with Ger

Joan Coleman, BMI Blanchardstown
Colm Humpries Testimonial

To turn a lifelong couch potato into a gym head is no small feat. Ger is terrific. He suggests exercise routines that are individualised and challenging. Ger embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights…facing the mirror. Ger instilled that confidence. I can’t recommend him enough.

Colm Humpries, BMI Blanchardstown
Darren Flynn Testimonial

I did the 8 week challenge with Ger. Over the 8 weeks I lost over 2 stone and 28 inches of fat! Every week I was giving a new food plan to stick to and it was really easy to follow. Im delighted with my results and if you want to lose weight and tone up then contact Ger today!

Darren Flynn, 8 Week Challenge
Bernie Byrne Testimonial

I first met Ger in November of 2012 in Northwood Gym for an assessment. At that time I was 54 yearsof age and thought things are really slowing down and had my doubts that I would be able to achieve the weight loss I craved.

I was not given any diet sheets but asked to cut out certain foods just for the first week such as potatoes, bread and of course all the crap. I started off on my four week programme with Ger at my side for two of my work-outs each week. I was given an exercise plan for the days I was working out alone (two sessions) Mid way through the

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programme I was reassessed and amazed to find out I had lost half a stone plus inches all over my body.

At the end of the four week programme I had lost over 1 stone and 1lb as well as inches all over my body especially my stomach. I have to say it was the easiest weight loss for me ever. It is hard to believe that problem areas of the body when targeted with the correct exercise will get you the results you want.

The word Personal Trainer use to mean Bootcamp to me but that is not the way it was at all. After my exercise sessions I was really fit for more and use to ask Ger had I done enough. Obviously I had as the results proved. The exercise plan is very varied so you don’t get bored with the same routine each week. I think it is good to mix it up and also to be instructed on the various pieces of machinery in the gym.

I was also accommodated with a time suitable to me which was great as it did not knock out my day at all. I can truly recommend Ger to get you the results your desire providing you play your part as regards work-outs and food consumption.

Bernie Byrne, BMI Blanchardstown
Brian Nolan Testimonial

I’m 42 years old and I decided to booked some sessions with Ger.I was 12st 9lb and thought I was a little fit but I just couldn’t seem to get the results I wanted. When I met Ger he told me about his 30 day fat blast challenge so I decided to do it. Each week I had different training plans as well as different food plans.

He also gave me an idea of what NOT to eat which was very helpful. He was there any time I called or text with any questions I had regarding food and exercise, and always made me feel that I was welcome to ask.

By the end of the 30 days, I was 11st 4lb and a size 32 waist. Felt Fantastic. I ran in the Half marathon in Sept, thanks to the confidence this experience had given me. I would recommend Ger to anyone, not only because of the personal results, but also because he’s a thorough Gent and very very approachable.

Brian Nolan 30 day fat blast challenge
Vanessa Hoare Testimonial

In July 2013 I signed up to Gers 30 Day Fat Blast Challenge. I lost 12lbs and 9 inches of body fat! The challenge was a great programme. It really works, i have seen great results from following it and im now looking forward to my next 30 day challenge! Would highly recommend Ger!

Vanessa Hoare 30 day fat blast challenge
Ger Conroy Testimonial

I`m a firm believer that you must practice what you preach so when I returned home from my holiday in November 2013 I decided to try my own 30 day Fat blast challenge. Over the 30 days I went from 10.4% body fat down to 7.1%. I`m currently now doing my 8 week challenge (Build lean muscle) just to show everyone what type of results you can achieve in such a short time. No fad diets just healthy eating!!

Ger Conroy 30 day fat blast challenge

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