1 Month Unlimited Fitness Classes Castleknock


1 months access to every fitness class you can imagine. Our fitness classes are for beginners and advanced fitness levels. We will accommodate all. You get to 38 fitness classes per week to choose from at our gym. Each class has a unique and friendly atmosphere.

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1 months access to every fitness class you can imagine. Our fitness classes are for beginners and advanced fitness levels. We will accommodate all. You get to 38 fitness classes per week to choose from at our gym in Junction 6 Castleknock.

Fitness Classes:

– Spinning Classes
– Strength & Conditioning Classes
– Box Fit Classes
– Fat Blast Classes
– Bootcamp Classes
– Super Circuit Classes
– TRX Abs Classes
– Pump & Tone Classes
– Fat Attack Classes
– Rope & Rower Classes
– STEP Classes

Each class has a unique and friendly atmosphere. I’ve seen so many people go to the gym or a class because they think they need to go, but I want people to enjoy, and have fun in my classes as well as getting their amazing results and learn to enjoy going to the gym.

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Castleknock Timetable

Castleknock Junction 6 Timetable - Ger Conroy Fitness

Ger Conroy Fitness Class Descriptions

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is a class designed to target all areas of the body along withal the components of fitness. The class is structured in a way that resistance training is combined with a mixture of body weight exercises to ensure optimal results.

Heavy compound exercises like the squat and the deadlift are thrown in with a combination of high intensity exercises such as mountain climbers or burpees to increase overall strength but also elevate heart rate to help increase fat loss.

This is a fans favourite here in Ger Conroy Fitness and definitely a class that is for the strong willed.

HIIT Classes

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) based class aimed at improving cardiovascular endurance while burning a huge amount of calories at the same time.

This class gives an EPOC effect which stands for “Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption” meaning that even after your workout is finished, hours later you’ll still be burning that unwanted fat for recovery.

This class consists of specialised intense exercises mastered into a well thought out circuit that will have heart rate near controlled maximum levels and the lungs searching for oxygen. An easily adapted class for whatever the fitness level.

Boxfit Classes

There’s no better way to target body fat other than giving it knocking it out, KO. Boxfit is where kettlebells are swapped for gloves and barbells for bags.

This highly enjoyable classis a mixture hooks and jabs along with pad work, bag work and bodyweight exercises integrally worked into a circuit to make for an all-round workout.

This class is great for anyone starting out on their fitness journey as it can be done at desired pace but for regulars, it can be designed to leave the arms feeling lifeless.

Bootcamp Classes

A class that requires high will power and grit in order to succeed to the finish. Bootcamp is our Army inspired class where the soldiers are separated from the cadets (suitable for both). Here, a mixture of all fitness levels are put to the test with a cleverly planned resistance and bodyweight course.

Using exercises anywhere from rope slams, to wall balls and prowler pushing, this course will leave the body saying no but the heart screaming yes. Targeting local muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular training and of course fat loss, Bootcamp stands proud as one of the elite classes thrown here at Ger Conroy Fitness.

Super Circuits Classes

Circuit training taken to the next level. At Ger Conroy Fitness we believe if something is to be done, it should be done right so we stepped normal circuit training up a notch and came up with our very own Super Circuit.

This class is a shock to the system using a variety of upper to lower body exercises with bodyweight movements thrown in on top to maximise metabolism use. One station could see med ball slams, straight into barbell squatting and then from plank to jump jacks.

With such a wide range of exercises to choose from, each body part is guaranteed to be worked to its limits.

TRX & Abs Classes

Suspension Training has become Irelands leading class and we wanted to deliver it with a twist. TRX-Abs is a combination of suspension training also paired with some tough core work so that stabilisation becomes second nature.

TRX uses straps and gravity as tools to make the body fight hard in order to complete a series of exercises such as press-ups, squat jumps and pikes. From here it’s straight to the floor where Ab exercises like planks, crunches and V-ups are performed so that minimal rest is allowed, initiating optimal results in body composition and muscular endurance.

Our goal is results obtained in a safe environment and with TRX-Abs, that is exactly what you get.

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1 Month Unlimited Fitness Classes €65, Bundle inc 1 Month Gym €80, Bundle inc 1 Month Spinning Classes €80, Bundle inc Weekly Food Plans €80


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