Fitness Classes & Group Training

Each class has a unique and friendly atmosphere. We have seen so many people go to the gym or a class because they think they need to go, but we want people to enjoy, and have fun in our fitness classes as well as getting their amazing results and learn to enjoy going to the gym.

Fitness Classes Packages

We provide a variety of classes in our Ger Conroy Gyms

TRX Classes
– Fat Blast Classes
Outdoor Bootcamp Classes
Spin Classes
– Strength & Conditioning Classes
– Boxing / Boxercise Classes

(Beginners or Advanced Fitness Levels. We will Accommodate all)

As personal trainers results are everything to us, but while you get results, lets enjoy it too!

The reason we provide a variety of classes is because we know not everyone will like the same class. Some people love spinning but don’t like bootcamp, some people love TRX but don’t like boxing etc.

It doesn’t matter what class you do, the only thing that matters is that you get results and enjoying getting them.